Electrical Equipment Testing (PAT)

We provide a professional service that is convenient to you and your business needs, working around the hours that suit you so there's less disruption to your business.

Our Service:

* A Visual Inspection - Checking for any damage that may cause an appliance to become faulty. Visual checks are a vital part of the inspection process as most fails happen at this stage. Some of the things we look for:

-  Cracks and damaged casing
-  Signs of over-heating 
-  Any damage to the leads or plugs
-  Checking the correct fuse is fitted


* In-depth Inspection & Testing - The testing procedure helps us pick up on damage that is not visible to the eye. These tests include:

-  Earth continuity test
-  Insulation resistance check
-  Polarity testing

(We also carry out an additional test for microwaves to ensure that there are no radiation leaks. If you do not wish for this to be carried out please advise of this when requesting a quotation).


* Functional Checks - Once the inspection and testing procedure is completed we will then carry out a functional check to ensure that everything works as it should.

Repairs & Replacements:

EnvSafe provide a service to carry out minor repairs on site. Minor repairs carried out include:

-  Supply & fit 13A plugs plastic or tough to BS1363
-  Supply & fit correctly rated fuses to BS1362
-  Rewire existing Plug/Socket/Connector
-  Supply & fit 110v, 240v 16amp plug or connector

We are able to offer replacement I.E.C leads, 2 Pin mains leads and 4-Way extension leads. These are supplied at an additional cost to your inspection and testing quotation. 

Completion of Works:

After your inspection and testing has been carried out you will receive a certificate of compliance along with a full detailed PAT testing report and photos of any failed appliances found during the inspection.
ENVsafe also go that extra mile and provide customers of any advisories found across your site.

Why choose ENVsafe for your Electrical Equipment Testing?

  • We are a small business: This means we have a more direct relationship with our clients. We will never Sub-contract our work out to another company.

  • Professional service: We are committed to the service we provide and carry out all inspection and testing of electrical equipment to the highest standard as well as providing a professional service to our clients.

  • Appliance Repairs: Minor repairs are carried out on-site, but if we fail an appliance which requires a more in depth repair we'll try and fix this for you unless it's not been deemed beyond economical repair.

  • Out of hours testing: If required we can work out of business outs at no extra cost.

  • Site Advisory Reports: While carrying out your testing if we find something that's not quite right with your existing installation we'll advise you of this so your aware.

  • Free Reminders: Don't worry about keeping track of when your next testing is due we've got this covered! We shall send a reminder the month before to let you know.