What needs testing during a PAT Testing inspection?

Portable appliance testing is the standard term used for the inspection and testing process. This term can be misleading, leading many people to assume that we are only concerned with the testing of portable equipment, but this is not the case.
The inspection and testing process covers the inspection and testing of all electrical equipment that is connected to, or could be connected to the fixed installation, this also includes electrical equipment connected to a fused spur. Electrical equipment is categorised into separate types. This is to determine the frequency of the inspection and testing required, also to govern the type of tests that would be performed including test limits.


Hand Held Equipment / Appliances

Portable Appliances

Movable Equipment / Appliances

This is equipment that is usually held in the
hand and off the ground during normal
use. A typical example would be a hairdryer
or hair straighteners.

These are simply any appliances that are
less than 18kg and are intended to be moved,
or easily moved while in operation. A typical example would be a kettle or lamp.

18kg or less that is not usually moved during
use but is not fixed. E.g. a microwave.
Equipment with wheels or casters to
allow it to be moved by the operator.

Stationary Equipment / Appliances

Fixed Equipment / Appliances

Built-in Equipment / Appliances

These appliances are more than 18kg and
are not intended to be moved, but nor are they fixed or secured in position.
A typical example would be a washing
machine or fridge freezer.

This is equipment that is secured in place,
usually screwed to the wall.
Fixed equipment can be movable or
portable equipment that is connected to
the fixed installation via a fused spur unit.

These are appliances that are designed to
be built into a cupboard or recess.
These appliances should not be used
unless they are built into a recess or
cupboard as intended.

Information Technology (IT) Equipment

230v AC Equipment / Appliances

110v AC Equipment / Appliances

IT equipment includes all electronic business
and communications equipment such as
computers, printers, photocopiers, fax machines, franking machines & telephones.

Industrial BS60309 plugs are often used on
commercial equipment.
The blue colour indicates 230v single phase.
Ratings available: 16, 32, 63 & 125amp.

This type of equipment is most commonly
used on construction sites. 110v appliances are usually connected via yellow industrial plugs and sockets.

400v AC 3-Phase Equipment

Three phase equipment is used in industrial
environments, typically powering large motors and heavy loads. Although this equipment is often very large, it is still required to be inspected and tested.