Mimajor - 21 V Cordless Drill Driver Recall

Safety Risk: Electric shock

Affected Models: 
Batch no: DYCX-CDD00005
Other: 00699, 30-25, UKLT2112033, EBAY, 211260073, RVDYCX-211203-0008

Brand: Mimajor

Date: 18th March 2022

Details of Recall:

Red and black cordless drill, batteries, and charger in black case with Mimajor printed on drill and case.


Risk description
The product presents a high risk of electric shock as the transformer was of a poor build quality and failed creepage and clearance. Should there be a surge in the electrical current, the product may become live due to insufficient creepage and clearance distance, which poses an electric shock hazard to the user. The product was also missing relevant markings and information. The product does not meet the requirements of the Supply of Machinery (Safety) Regulations 2008.

Corrective measures
Import rejected and destroyed at the border.

Online marketplace
eBay - The listing has been removed from the online marketplace.