LED Light (swivel light) Recall

Safety Risk: Electric shock

Affected Models: 
Model: ZQ-B136
Other: RVG256-211203-0004-808 G256-ZQ-B136B-UK

Brand: Unknown

Date: 18th February 2022

Details of Recall:

Black LED lights on a black swivel base.


The product poses a serious risk of electric shock as when tested the supply cord (flexible lead) had not been correctly fitted with a standard plug. The plug did not comply with BS1363 and the fuse did not comply with BS 1362. Additionally, the cross-sectional area of the supply cord was too small for the light's application and the colours of the conductor's insulation did not comply with the relevant standard (BS EN 50575). The product was not accompanied by adequate instructions and does not comply fully with the marking requirements of the relevant standard. The product does not comply with the Electrical Equipment (Safety) Regulations 2016.