Lena Lighting / UV Cleanlight - UV-C Sterilon Recall

Safety Risk:Exposure to UV-C radiation resulting in damage to eyes and/or skin.

Affected Models: 
UV-C Sterilon 36 w without sensor
UV-C Sterilon 72 w without sensor
UV-C Sterilon 108 w models without sensor

Brand:Lena Lighting / UV Cleanlight

Date: 28th January 2022

Details of Recall:

The product has been assessed as unsafe and presents a serious risk because there is a foreseeable risk of exposure to UV-C radiation, which could result in irreversible eye and/or skin injuries. The exposure limit value for this type of radiation is met within three seconds of energising the lamp and there are no safeguards in place, such as a motion sensor, to prevent exposure. The product does not meet the principal elements of the safety objectives set out in Schedule 1(2) to the Electrical Equipment (Safety) Regulations 2016

Corrective measures
We recommend end users stop using this product immediately.

  • The product was voluntarily withdrawn from the market in February 2021,
    until it could be brought into compliance
  • The importer / distributor has been required to notify all existing end users
    of the risk
  • The importer / distributor has been required to recall the non-compliant
    product from end users
  • The importer has offered free of charge replacement with a compliant model, which features a motion sensor, to existing end users
  • Any end user still in possession of a non-compliant model should ensure it is returned to the distributor from which it was purchased
  • Contact the distributor you purchased from to request redress