Huahan Haituo UK Plug to E27 LED Bulb Socket Adapter Recall

Safety Risk: Serious, Electric shock and electrocution

Affected Models: Model no: ZPP-E27 (ADZPP27)
Bar code X00175QSO7


Date: 05 November 2021

Details of Recall:

A light fitting with a UK plug which is connected, via a flexible neck, to a E27 (screw fitting) LED lamp holder. The lamp is operated by a remote control and is dimmable.


This product poses a serious risk of electric shock as the screws that make an electrical connection were not locked against loosening, and there was possible access to live parts. There was no information with regards to the rated voltage, frequency and current shown on the item. The mains plug portion of this product did not meet the requirements of BS 1363. Additionally, the product was not compliant with the marking requirement of the relevant standard. The product does not meet the requirements of the Electrical Equipment (Safety) Regulations 2016.

What to Do Next: 

  • Stop using the appliance immediately.