Röhr - Car Battery Charger DFC-10P Recall

Safety Risk: Electric Shock & Fire

Affected Models: Model: DFC-10P

Date: 13 August 2021

Details of Recall:

10 Amp 6V/12V DFC-10P Car Battery charger


The product poses a risk of electric shock and/or fire because of poor build quality and design. The protective earth did not have continuity to the main chassis as the paint / powder coating had not been removed, even though a star washer was present, preventing a reliable protective earth connection. When tested, no intelligent features were found in the circuit. Additionally, the product was not compliant with the marking requirements of the relevant standard. The product does not meet the requirements of the Electrical Equipment (Safety) Regulations 2016.

What to Do Next: 

If you believe you have an affected product stop using it immediately and contact the retailer for further advice.